Deborah Folka

Who writes Zoey's books?

Deborah Folka

I’m Deborah Folka, the author of Zoey’s Books.

My granddaughter, also named Zoey, calls me ‘Safta’, the Hebrew word for grandmother. During the boring, no-school days of the recent pandemic, Zoey and I were on FaceTime almost every day. We would get the same book, usually from the library, and take turns reading a page at a time. It was fun and we enjoyed a lot of great stories like Winnie-the-Pooh and the Hundred-Acre Wood and Charlotte’s Web. Then Zoey asked me to write stories about a girl named ‘Zoey’.

In Zoey’s Closet is the first children’s book I’ve written. But I’ve been writing stories since I was a child myself and all my adult life, I’ve made my living as a writer and storyteller.


Who illustrates Zoey's books?

Delaney Tesch

Illustrator Delaney Tesch has created pictures for books and magazines, as well as designed sets and costumes for theatre. She is originally from British Columbia and has degrees from the University of Victoria and the Glasgow School of Art. Visit Delaney's website.